What is that sound?

Holy crap it is a baby in my living room. Our baby in our living room? OMG.

I have so much posting to catch up on…um, including but not limited to…

  1. The justification that I wasn’t just lazy the last part of my pregnancy
  2. Preeclampsia makes you feel really really really really really shitty
  3. Steroids make you feel shittier
  4. Insomnia sucks…people saying “you better get sleep now b/c soon you won’t be able to” SUCK EVEN MORE.
  5. Listen to your gut when you think something is just not right.
  6. Admission on a monday…delivery on a Wednesday. Everyone thougth I would go home Thursday still preggers.
  7. Sucks when you get your breakfast and you’re starving, ur ob walks in the room and you can tell by her face that you’re having a baby today.

    Trying to finish this post on my phone with a voice to text so bare with me.

    I got my epidoral started at 1140. It initially was num but then I really felt everything after the catheter Was put in. Serious serious pain they tried to take out my stitches but I felt every single touch.
    I got a boost of medicine and I got the stitches out at 1214. They broke my water at 1216, Then and then started my fico stand.( hahaha That is supposed to be pitocin).
    After a while the beast (boost) of medicine I got wore off an I feel every little bit catheter bulb was horrible horrible pain.
    Apparently she couldn’t get the catheter threaded into my bladder so the bold versus(bulb was) right at the neck of a bladder.

    I was literally begging by grills( banging the side rails) saying something is not right.
    Anesthesiology came and gave me another base(boost) but that wore off. turned out I had a key at the girl(hahaha- kink in the tube) in the pump housing.

    1 they got that straight the rest of my labor was easy peasy as you all know when I was live tweeting my centimeters.

    The pushing was actually not too hard. my as a girl (my epidural) didn’t make me crazy crazy numb I can still feel pressure sensations. I started pushing at around 1020 then he was born in 1058 pm it was pretty impressive.


6 responses to “What is that sound?

  1. I love that you have your autocorrects in here. 🙂

    So glad Oat is here safe and sound!


  2. A baby in your living room!!!! Grinning ear to ear for you :).

  3. yay for baby! but too bad things had to go bad so quickly that he was ejected early…

    and from experience I can unfortunately agree with numbers 1, 2 & 5 *HUG*

  4. and by ejected, i meant evicted. HAH. too early. need more coffee…

  5. totally cracking up over the autocorrects!

  6. Can’t wait to see new pics of Sweet Oat! 🙂 OMG, I have catheter horror stories, too. I tore upwards through the urethra and the cath fell out … getting it put back in … excrutiating! I’m so glad it’s all over now and you and Sweet Oat are home safe and sound!

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