Birth Story

I hope that I get this done  before my child is a year old. LOL. At the rate I am going I will not get it done.

Lets just go do a day by day break down by the day of the week.


Shower in local town hosted by my friend. I felt like a.s.s. To be honest I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to sit on the recliner and just be. I didn’t care if I got another thing for Oat. I figured I could have a naked baby with no toys…and an undecorated room for that matter..and I was OKAY with that…as long as I was able to just lay around.  Let me back up. I don’t remember what all I have blogged about, but I had high blood pressure PRIOR to pregnancy.  After I got pregnant my readings were all wonderful. Actually the best I have ever really consistently had.  I wish I had written it down, but my numbers started creeping up. It was around four weeks or so prior to delivery. The readings were elevated at home, and at the MFM (high risk doctors) office, but never at my OBs. Honestly-I think the tech didn’t know how to take pressures. She put the  stethoscope halfway down my forearm. I have faint pulses, so I know she couldn’t hear it…ie she made up the reading of 122/78

Anyhoo- I was doing the normal “Nurse Treat Thyself” and checking everything at home. I have urine dippers to check for protein, b p readings etc. The only issue is that my manual cuff all the sudden quit fitting! (HELLO??! That should have been a clue), so I was using a wrist cuff. The numbers had been great until the weekend of the shower. That AM I was getting insane readings. 200/113..where the day before they had been 135/88.

So I did what all normal people do. I ordered more cuffs off of amazon. LOL. Anyways. By the time saturday rolled around I realized that I really was having issues and needed to rest. My b/p would be awesome when laying down- they as soon as I got up, did ANYTHING then laid back down my bp would go up by around 30-40 points. Not cool.

So Saturday we had the shower- I was HUGE. So swollen everywhere. I had ONE dress I could wear, and two pairs of shoes. No underwear fit all the sudden without a lot of pinchy pain. Everything hurt. My arms, my hands, my head, my back. I had carpal tunnel in both hands and my right ELBOW felt like it had been crushed. I had trigger fingers in my 3rd&4th fingers on both hands.

So, to the shower I go. ugh. I honestly can say I don’t remember much of it. I was so out of it. I don’t know why physiologically, but i just don’t.


Ass. I felt like ass. I didn’t sleep all night. I was on the recliner for the last 1.5-2 months and I couldn’t get comfortable. I had an ice pack on my elbow, tried wrist splints, even took a percocet. You name it, it hurt.  My blood pressure was up (I don’t remember what- 200/100?) and I had 3+ protein in my urine.

To L&D triage I went. yeah. When we got there they retested my urine- the dipstick was 2+ done by the nurse, but the labs official result was negative…but to be honest I have it on good authority they suck. I don’t trust them. I had not realized it until then, but I my urine output had decreased and my pee was dark- but I was drinking like a fish. My b/p was up (170s/100s) when we got there, but after a bunch water to get a better urine it came down some.  My PIH labwork showed a slightly elevated uric acid, but other than that okay. The MFM (Dr. #(*#&) was on call and he sent us home, but to recheck the next day.


I felt like ass. Beat up ass. At recheck my b/p was 150/100 at first, then 190/110. The MFM gave us the option of doing a 24 hour urine at home and recheck b/p daily in the office, get two doses of steroids in case anything happened, monitor bp  at home and adding repeat PIH bloodwork, etc. or going into the hospital. He was hesitant to admit us b/c he was going out of town and knew that another doc would induce us…but he has the experience to manage PIH with meds, etc. We talked about it and decided that we would go ahead and b e admitted to be closely watched and for the fact also that he was going out of town and WOULDN”T be able to manage us outpatient. Plus we just felt better that way. He was fine with it…so on our way to the hospital we went.

The rest of that day was more of the same. Feeling like ass and watching the trial…and tweeting. A lot. I had books, my laptop, but I didn’t feel like doing much else other than lay there, tweet and watch TV. My bp stayed up and they added labetolol.  That night after the first dose of steroids I thought I was going crazy. So worn out, tired, but jittery. I got a 5 of ambien, but it didn’t touch me.


More of the same. Sitting around wondering why in the world they kept saying I would go home THURSDAY if I was getting my final steriod dose that day, and finishing up with the 24 hour urine that night. I tweeted. I watched TV. I ate. That is about it honestly.

That night was the second steroid shot and it was brutal. I was so jumpy/jittery/anxious…I ended up BEGGING for a 10 of ambien around 2am. I couldn’t take it. I finally got a few hours sleep- only to be woken up by the freaking LAB TECH drawing blood. Blah.


Morning rolled around and did I mention I FEEEEEL LIKE ASSSS??? I was s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g. because some masochist in dietary thinks a pregnant person doesn’t get hungry between 5pm and 8am. Seriously. Dinner is at 5pm and NOTHING until 8am the next day!! UGH. My meal try came in and was looking so very yummy. I had taken a drink of coffee and was prepping the rest…and the doctor walked in. As soon as I saw her face I pushed my tray away- I knew it wasn’t good news…….

phew. I will break this up and spare you all….and leave you wanting (as Paul Harvy said) THE REST OF THE STORY.


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