Hola. Yes. I suck. That is well established here in this Corner of my web. LOL.

Oat just turned FIVE MONTHS!!! I can’t hardly believe it!!!

What is new with me. Currently oat is sick- congested, coughing, low grade temp. Par for the course I am equal parts worried sick(momma Bumpy) And know it isn’t a big deal(RN in me). It sucks.

He is growing like a weed!!!!!! Probably around 15 pounds. NOw!!! (I am typing on my iPhone and I suck at it). He is such a joy. He is really getting control over his hands and grabbing stuff. He loves a “mommy” necklace I got that has child friendly beads on it. He doesn’t like to sit down- loves to stand!! We recently put up a jumper thing in the door and he loves it!!

Can’t believe we soon will be starting real food. HOLD ME!!!!


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