Boring ol update

Hi! I know I have not been blogging much lately and now I am flooding your inboxes with cloth diaper reviews. Sorry.

Things have been rough the last few days. Oat is teething, AND has mild viral illness with sinus drainage/ cough/ hoarseness/ etc. it has not been pretty around here. The sleepless nights, napping strikes, poor nursing, clingyness, etc sux. We went to the doc yesterday and he was 15.8 pounds!!! Holy crap!!!!

My dear husband works his arse off and is never here. Sigh. I promise to stop complaining in a second- I just miss my family. Sigh.

Oat is Rollin from his back all the way to his side. He almost gets his arm out of the way- so it won’t be long.

I can’t believe soon we shall be starting real food!!!! Where is the time going!!!!?!??


One response to “Boring ol update

  1. I can’t believe how big he’s getting! Rolling over? Go Oat!

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