Our Timeline

Timeline of Our Journey

  • 1996- L. First started BCPs for horrible bleeding/possible endometriosis. Stops having periods.
  • 2001-L. has laproscopy/hystoscopy and diagnosis of endometriosis
  • 2002 L starts taking BCPs two times a day to stop pain/bleeding from endometriosis (still not having periods)
  • 2003 L gets Lupron injections every 3 months x2 to stop periods. Go into crazy psuedomenopausal state.
  • 2004- L. starts bleeding out again- back on BCPs with periods suppressed
  • 2005- L is stunned wth Vioxx is taken off the market. Only thing that helped with endo. pain.
  • 2007 (November) L. had D&C/ biopsies/hysteroscopy. Showed dissociated proliferated endometrium. (uterus all confused as to cycle. Hormones crazy)
  • 2008 (Feb) L off all BCPS now- starts having periods again. 12 years later. Trying on our own.
  • 2008 (August) L Fires OB/GYN b/c was given clomid despite DH’s history, and she refused to refer to an RE.
  • 2008 Sept. L met with new OB/Gyn. Battery of tests- hemmorhagic cyst right ovary(resolving)
  • 2008 October L’s- HSG is ALL CLEAR!!!
  • 2008 (Nov) Met with RE for start of evaluation.
  • 2009-Jan 9. DH diagnosed with azoospermia. Exact cause not known yet)
  • 2009-February- FINALLY- All DH’s b/w normal. Azoo is likely obstructive. Awaiting Ultrasound
  • 2009 (March)- Rec.tal. Ultrasound showed no Semin.al Vesic.als.
  • 2009-March ‘L’ has increasingly painful periods from ENDO-back on the pill until we cycle.
  • 2009-May 2nd RE opinion. Decide to change RE’s. New one is Dr. 5000.
  • 2009-may: 2nd Urology consult.Repeat SA(No Troopers ANYWHERE) and PL(normal). Will schedule sperm retrieval after Genetics Consult
  • 2009(June) Genetics Consult-We both need Cystic Fibrosis screening
  • 2009 August CF Profile Negative for Kingman (no need for mine)
  • 2010 May 12  Kingman’s Pre-op testing
  • 2010 May 13 Testicular Biopsy with microsurgicalepididymal sperm biopsy. (No Sperm found:Dx NON-obstructive Azoospermia or Sertoli Cell Only)
  • 2010 May 21: RE appt to figure out plan. Decide to do IUI with  donor sperm. Get Rx for Femara. Ball is in our court now
  • 2010 June 14th Counseling appt. Fears calmed
  • 2010 June-September: Drink heavily, attempt to lose weight, vacation with husband, go to London with Mom.
  • 2010 October 16 IUI with femara/HCG trigger/donor sperm.
  • 2010 November 14 dIUI with Femara/HCG trigger
  • 2010 November 18 Started acupuncture
  • 2010 November, 26 +HPT  12 days post IUI
  • 2010 November 28 +HPT 16 days post IUI
  • 2010 November 30: BETA #1 331 18dpIUI
  • 2010 December 2 BETA #2 High 600s (not sure) 20dpIUI (got drawn on a Thursday and didn’t get results until Monday. LOOONG WEEEKEND!!!
  • 2010 December 13: Pregnancy confirmed with US. Measuring 6w0d heart beautiful heartbeat
  • 2010 December 20: US Measuring 7w1d…growing perfectly. Graduate to OB
  • 2011 January ?: First OB appointment. US 8w3d. Beautiful wiggly gummy bear
  • 2011 January 27: We are spoiled with US. 12w4d and perfect NT scan. Starting to look like baby.
  • 2011 February: Normal OB appt. No US. *BIG FROWNIE*
  • 2011 March 23: Normal OB appt. US shows perfect little baby for anatomy scan. We chose no gender reveal. 20w3d No problems at all.
  • 2011 April 21: Normal OB appt. US ordered by OB to check cervix since we had cervical manipulation with IUIs.  Funneling of cervix found with cervical length 0.6 cm (basically nothing) Sent for emergent cerclage placement. Bed rest till follow up. Indocin prescribed to stop contractions. Pain pills for pain
  • 2011 April 27: OB followup from missed appt for cerclage. Bed rest til High Risk OB (MFM) follow up
  • 2011 May 2: MFM follow up. Cerclage (stitch) still in place. Cervix funneling still up to the point of the stitch. Uterus extremely irritable. Not on bed rest anymore, but take it easy.  On same meds.
  • 2001 June 2 or so: Feet start swelling…ugh.
  • 2011 June 8: Baby has mild tricuspid regurgitation. Stop Inodocin. See how I do without meds
  • 2011 June 9: Start Procardia for contractions!!! OUCH!!!! End up in L&D Triage for hypertension. No protein in Urine. Go home. Also, it is my 4th year anniversary.
  • 2011 JUne 12(ish): Swelling is insane. Puffy face, claws for hands in the AM from carpal tunnell, can’t walk. B/P  elevated, home dip urine for protein- negative.
  • 2011 June 21: resigned the fact that I am just going to have to sit around.

One response to “Our Timeline

  1. Stopping from ICLW
    Wow! I mean, seriously – WHAT A JOURNEY!
    I am so happy for you and your precious baby! Good luck and I wish you peaceful remainder of your pregnancy and a healthy baby at the end of it!

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