PWP/Secret Posts

I have some posts that I chose to have password protected (PWP) for a number of reasons. One of which is photos, extra specific life stuffs, etc. etc.

You know, things that you want to get out there, but not necessarily wide open on the Internet. I know that anything on the Internet is ever completely protected- but this makes me feel better.

I do not use real names – i.e. my husband, me, specifically where I live, work, etc. etc. If you do know anything like this I appreciate you remembering to not state them in any comments.  Although I know that ultimately everything is on the Internet is accessible one way or another, it makes me feel better. LOL!

THAT being said. You have to have the secret word to read the posts. To get this word please email me

babymakingjourney (at) gmail (dot) com

You all know how that is supposed to look like- if you don’t….um.


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