Sweet Oat

I am going to keep this page up for various pregnancy related ultrasound and pictures. I want to be sensitive for the IFers that may have a hard time seeing them.

So, without further adieu:

Welcome my little Sweet Oat.

US from 12-13-10. 6w0d Tentative EDC 8-8-11

Secret Santa present (Best EVER) with US from 12-20-10. Measuring 7w1d:

This Is My Happiness

This next one is from my first ‘normal’ OB appointment. It was so surreal seeing the wiggling.I have a video of it, but it has my IRL name on it, and I can’t figure out how to cut that out….I am going to try and figure it out b/c it is just too cool for school.


The following are some pictures from the 1/27/11 ultrasound- 12w4d.

AAAHH!!! All the screaming!! Give me a towel and let me cheer for the Steelers too!!

20w 4d Aw shucks you caught me.:)

Chill-axin’ on Mommy’s cervix.

20w 4d Who doesnt like a good foot picture?20w4d Wait a minute---I really dont want my picture taken.

26w1 d Cute little hand! Thumb is there, just hiding!

26w1d Little Pouty Face...must be a girl.:)

26w1d See the wee little tongue?

26w1d Foot is 2 inches long now! WOW

Sweet Baby Kisses!!! (turn your head to the right....) 31w2d

chubby cheeks!!! πŸ™‚ 31w2d

I have hair!! BABY HAIR! 31w2d

Team Blue

  1. My sister- just because
  2. Eye Brow Waxer- She said it is b/c I was carrying low and my hips were getting wider. (GEE THANKS FOR NOTICING)
  3. Cleaning Lady-Β  Boy b/c I am carrying HIGH (?) and I didn’t have morning sickness.
  4. Husband’s nurse- Boy, since there are two girls and one boy being born from people at the office.
  5. My MIL- ‘intuition’
  6. My 10yr old Nephew- “Because boys are more fun”
  7. Mr. Camper- Just because
  8. Mrs. Camper Just because
  9. Mr.Shep- just because
  10. Friend Michelle- Boy…b/c of HR of 160
  11. Jammies- Boy..thought he looked a little boyish..and just ‘because’.
  12. Delenn- Boy
  13. @Lozzie84- B/C she is getting vibes! πŸ™‚
  14. TheCave- IRL friend.

Team Pink

  1. Kingman- b/c everyone else is having boys, and the baby was trying to hide it’s face during the ultrasound on 3/24/10
  2. My Niece – No reason
  3. My Mom- no reason
  4. Terrell AKA ‘Doc’ at the Nissan dealership- b/c when he told me to put out my hands straight in front of me, I did with my palms facing out. (?!?)
  5. Sarah- friend. GIRL…no reason
  6. Cindy- Friend- ‘a feeling’
  7. Miss. Sweetness…just b/c…she wants one for me
  8. Mrs. Fertile Myrtle…just b/c she wants one for me b/c she has three boys.
  9. ShitBrickHouse- πŸ™‚ b/c she is manipulative and made her kiddo show signs of wanting to come out early also on the day of my cerclage!
  10. Amber- nurse at hospital…b/c of heart rate.

4 responses to “Sweet Oat

  1. Awww!! Love the photoframe! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! I’m so far behind in post reading, but how did I miss this? Congratulations!!

  3. You forgot to update and add me to Team Pink – because she’s already showing a manipulative side (give an inch, take the whole cervix) and my son is already following her lead! ;D

  4. ahhhh!!!!! don’t you love having those pictures???? WOWZA!

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