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So, here I sit possibly pregnant? Just typing those words feel craaaaazy.   I guess the first inclination that something was going on was last week when I was having the crazy migraines. I have not been having any since then…..hmmm..

Then when we flew out on Wednesday to come out here to my sister, on the flight from ATL to MSP I had sudden nausea right after take off. Like grab the bag and pray no one minds I am about to hurl.  I never hurled, but I was sick most of the rest of the day.. Ugh. I even went into the bathroom and tried to hurl and couldn’t.

I managed the rest of the day okay except for the fact that i had major Shortness of breath. Thanksgiving day was even worse. I would get up and walk into the livingroom and then I would be short of breath that i felt like I was doing mountain climbers. UGH. I knew something was off at that point.

I waited until the Friday morning and then the Hubs and I decided to do a HPT in the AM. I peed, and there was immediately the faint line you see in the picture. WOW. The hubs was waiting for me in the bedroom (my niece’s), and he said he knew as soon as he saw my face that it was positive. He said it was exactly like when I walked into the room after his surgery. he didn’t need me to speak to him, he knew immediately what the answer was.

So, we hugged,kissed, all the typical “OMG there are two lines”  Tee hee.

The nausea is gone (I think it was so bad b/c I was sleep deprived and hungry), but this SOB is so very frustrating. The only other symptoms I can tell is that the veins on my boobs are extrememly blue.  I never in a hundred years could think they could possibly get bluer b/c I am so freaking pale anyways. LOL. Then I feel a ‘pulling’ sensation every once in a while in pelvis. It is weird- it is WHERE I have menstrual cramps- but a different feeling. I like to sleep on my stomach, but it seems that when I lay on my stomach it feels like I am tight as i rubberband in my pelvis area. So hard to explain….but that is the only way I know how.

I catch the hubs looking at me …studying me. Waiting to see if I hurl I guess. LOL…or if I suddenly get the ‘glow’. I am cautiously optomistic. I guess I w0n’t believe it until I have a baby in my arms. I have told you guys, and a few ppl IRL (my sister, BFFs, and well..that is all.) I have been trying to call my mom, but we keep playing phone tag. LOL. I am not going to really tell anyone else until we get an ultrasound. Then I will expand a LIIIIITTTLE more. Then I will tell some more people that knew we did a cycle- luckily we have great friends that realize no news is just that. No news- we will tell them when we tell them, and they are compassionate enough to know that it is either b/c it A) didn’t work or B)worked and we don’t want to spread it around in case something happens.



The immedite repsonse I got from my twitter friends was awesome. It is insane at how fast support can come- literally as quick as I could refresh my twitter account! 🙂 I haven’t been online much since i have been at my sisters- but wow. This was amazing.




I have been feeling very short of breath yesterday and today. Nausea on the plane.  Migraines last week…….

Could this be why?