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Cloth dipe- swaddlebees

I loooooove using cloth diapers. I have a bajillion in my stash and I try to encourage everyone that is Interested- mostly on twitter!

I had grand plans to do a huge post on all my different Dipes, but that isn’t g to happen. So how a out I start slowly

One dipe he wore today was swaddlebees simplex 2.0 AIO. I initially Didn’t like them, and they still are not my go to. They have PUL so no cover is needed.

Pros: inside is all in one- the insert agitates out in the wash, but is attached for easy restuffing.
I like the cloth on the inside- like “old style” cloth Dipes (prefolds)
Cute prints!!!!
Super absorbent

Cons: side snapping. I am not liking these. Harder to snap for me
The wings/ends of snaps go on the inside- so the pee wicks up onto it.
When they get wet- if they are not tucked in all the way they get clothes wet. Major pet peeve.

How About some pictures? Just realized that all but one picture has Oats face in it. Darn. Will try to get more next time


** I have received nothing for doing these review posts.. No products, no monetary compensation. I am doing this to help my fellow cloth diaper ladies and gents!!!!***