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Birth Story

I hope that I get this done  before my child is a year old. LOL. At the rate I am going I will not get it done.

Lets just go do a day by day break down by the day of the week.


Shower in local town hosted by my friend. I felt like a.s.s. To be honest I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to sit on the recliner and just be. I didn’t care if I got another thing for Oat. I figured I could have a naked baby with no toys…and an undecorated room for that matter..and I was OKAY with that…as long as I was able to just lay around.  Let me back up. I don’t remember what all I have blogged about, but I had high blood pressure PRIOR to pregnancy.  After I got pregnant my readings were all wonderful. Actually the best I have ever really consistently had.  I wish I had written it down, but my numbers started creeping up. It was around four weeks or so prior to delivery. The readings were elevated at home, and at the MFM (high risk doctors) office, but never at my OBs. Honestly-I think the tech didn’t know how to take pressures. She put the  stethoscope halfway down my forearm. I have faint pulses, so I know she couldn’t hear it…ie she made up the reading of 122/78

Anyhoo- I was doing the normal “Nurse Treat Thyself” and checking everything at home. I have urine dippers to check for protein, b p readings etc. The only issue is that my manual cuff all the sudden quit fitting! (HELLO??! That should have been a clue), so I was using a wrist cuff. The numbers had been great until the weekend of the shower. That AM I was getting insane readings. 200/113..where the day before they had been 135/88.

So I did what all normal people do. I ordered more cuffs off of amazon. LOL. Anyways. By the time saturday rolled around I realized that I really was having issues and needed to rest. My b/p would be awesome when laying down- they as soon as I got up, did ANYTHING then laid back down my bp would go up by around 30-40 points. Not cool.

So Saturday we had the shower- I was HUGE. So swollen everywhere. I had ONE dress I could wear, and two pairs of shoes. No underwear fit all the sudden without a lot of pinchy pain. Everything hurt. My arms, my hands, my head, my back. I had carpal tunnel in both hands and my right ELBOW felt like it had been crushed. I had trigger fingers in my 3rd&4th fingers on both hands.

So, to the shower I go. ugh. I honestly can say I don’t remember much of it. I was so out of it. I don’t know why physiologically, but i just don’t.


Ass. I felt like ass. I didn’t sleep all night. I was on the recliner for the last 1.5-2 months and I couldn’t get comfortable. I had an ice pack on my elbow, tried wrist splints, even took a percocet. You name it, it hurt.  My blood pressure was up (I don’t remember what- 200/100?) and I had 3+ protein in my urine.

To L&D triage I went. yeah. When we got there they retested my urine- the dipstick was 2+ done by the nurse, but the labs official result was negative…but to be honest I have it on good authority they suck. I don’t trust them. I had not realized it until then, but I my urine output had decreased and my pee was dark- but I was drinking like a fish. My b/p was up (170s/100s) when we got there, but after a bunch water to get a better urine it came down some.  My PIH labwork showed a slightly elevated uric acid, but other than that okay. The MFM (Dr. #(*#&) was on call and he sent us home, but to recheck the next day.


I felt like ass. Beat up ass. At recheck my b/p was 150/100 at first, then 190/110. The MFM gave us the option of doing a 24 hour urine at home and recheck b/p daily in the office, get two doses of steroids in case anything happened, monitor bp  at home and adding repeat PIH bloodwork, etc. or going into the hospital. He was hesitant to admit us b/c he was going out of town and knew that another doc would induce us…but he has the experience to manage PIH with meds, etc. We talked about it and decided that we would go ahead and b e admitted to be closely watched and for the fact also that he was going out of town and WOULDN”T be able to manage us outpatient. Plus we just felt better that way. He was fine with it…so on our way to the hospital we went.

The rest of that day was more of the same. Feeling like ass and watching the trial…and tweeting. A lot. I had books, my laptop, but I didn’t feel like doing much else other than lay there, tweet and watch TV. My bp stayed up and they added labetolol.  That night after the first dose of steroids I thought I was going crazy. So worn out, tired, but jittery. I got a 5 of ambien, but it didn’t touch me.


More of the same. Sitting around wondering why in the world they kept saying I would go home THURSDAY if I was getting my final steriod dose that day, and finishing up with the 24 hour urine that night. I tweeted. I watched TV. I ate. That is about it honestly.

That night was the second steroid shot and it was brutal. I was so jumpy/jittery/anxious…I ended up BEGGING for a 10 of ambien around 2am. I couldn’t take it. I finally got a few hours sleep- only to be woken up by the freaking LAB TECH drawing blood. Blah.


Morning rolled around and did I mention I FEEEEEL LIKE ASSSS??? I was s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g. because some masochist in dietary thinks a pregnant person doesn’t get hungry between 5pm and 8am. Seriously. Dinner is at 5pm and NOTHING until 8am the next day!! UGH. My meal try came in and was looking so very yummy. I had taken a drink of coffee and was prepping the rest…and the doctor walked in. As soon as I saw her face I pushed my tray away- I knew it wasn’t good news…….

phew. I will break this up and spare you all….and leave you wanting (as Paul Harvy said) THE REST OF THE STORY.


Making up for lost time.

I suffer from migraines……bad. I have learned what works for me. Unfortunately most of which..well hell- ALL OF WHICH I can’t do while trying to carry a baby in my womb. No Ibuprofen. No Maxalt. No Topamax. No scalding hot baths with ice pack at the base of my neck. Nada.

Luckily I have been lucky and not really had but one or two migraine since I have been preggers.

Lately though….oofda.

So Thursday I picked up my procardia and took one around noon or so. By two I had the worst headache I have had in a while (no, hubs, not the worst of my life). I tried to sleep, used ice packs, tried to visualize myself headache free, drank  crazy amounts of water, gave up on sleep b/c I was peeing everyone 15 minutes….tweeting and whined. Took my blood pressure and it was elevated 170s over high 90s. I took a per.co.cet and extra normal b/p med. and went back and laid down. a few hours later took bp again. 168/100. At the worst I would say it was like 7/10…pretty bad for me b/c I have had a tonsillectomy and nasal/sinus surgery to reset my 0-10 scale.

Head was getting a wee bit better if I didnt’ move. I had no photophobia like my normal migraine, but movement. OMG. Every 15 mintues I thought I would die. it hurt so bad. Finally it eased up a little and the DH came home…bp was still 150s/90s. We decided to go to my oldplace of work and see what it was with a larger cuff and taken with a manual v an electronic. They got 150/100. ugh.

Called my OB/on call nurse. told to take my night time BP med dose early, lay down and take it again in 30 mintues after medicine and go to L&D if over 140 systolic(top number) or 90 diastolic (bottom number).

So I did. It was 144/92. So off to L&D we went. by this time my headache was around a 4/10

Kicker? In L&D my bp was a little high the first few readings (140s/high 80s)….the blam. 120s/70s…and then even a 108/68 ugh. I didn’t have any contractions….but I did learn that the beds in L/D Triage beds suck ass. My nurse was awesome and I really liked her. She ended up being ShitBrickHouse’s nurse when she delivered last night (AAAHHH! up at 220am. He is a cutie) I was able to tell her to take extra pillows. LOL.

Anyways. I was discharged and told to drink lots of fluids and come back if bp was 160/90. turns out the dr. on on call for my OB was Dr. %$@*!- high risk doctor. Remember how I said he gives bp[ a little more leeway since I have chronic hypertension? My head ache was pretty much all gone by then..and my discharge b/c was loooow. I felt like an idiot.

So, whatever, I played it safe and did what I was told. i will tell you this my head has been hurting off and on since then. Contractions not fun. BP pretty much okay. I think my body is just getting tired. 😦 the SOB is kicking in again also.

Fun huh? I really don’t want to complain b/c I am so friggin’ blessed to be here. I will say, I would take three 1st trimesters for the last two I have had. Ugh.

Peace out y’all!



We have hair!

On this past tuesday (June 7th) we had our third MFM followup with Dr. %$@*!. We had a bit of snafu b/c the appointment was scheduled for Monday the 6th, but when they called on Monday at 1030 (appt. was at 1230) to remind of my appt THE NEXT DAY…I freaked. I was a little worried b/c I was having a lot of pressure “down there” and contractions. I was so thankful that we had an appointment that day.

So when she said my appt. wasn’t that day..I was miffed. I knew for various reasons that my original appt was on Monday. We had a conversation about Kingman’s work (mondays are better than tuesday b/c of scheduling), and how it would be good on Monday b/c we would have a busy weekend going to the shower and back in three days, and also a few days after I looked at the appt card and verified the info with my Google Calender to make sure it jived.

Obviously, the receptionist clicked on the wrong day. No  biggie right?

HA HA. I freaked b/c my husband doesn’t have a job that you can just “call in” with. He has people that what a significant amount of time to see him. People ge MAD and really could care less if he has an emergency.

Anyhoo- thanks to my friend and his scheduler person….they all were notified and only one tried to raise some hell. She just said “His wife is pregnant and needs him tomorrow, you can come in today or earlier in the day if you are able to”.

Whatever. I don’t care.
ANYHOO. I had a heavy heart that day also b/c two very close friends of mine got devastating news. Lis and Audrey both suffered losses that are so unfair…and could use a hug so go over and give them a virtual hug.  The story is theirs to tell, so I won’t tell it on here.

The week before at the OB office the girl in the room next to me was getting an ultrasound, and got the diapnosis of fetal demise. The screaming sobs will haunt me forever. I saw this girl in the waiting room, and we did the smile and nod while passing each other for the vital  sign room and bathroom for urine specimen. we got placed in our rooms at the same time.  The walls are paper thin, so it was hard to not know what was going on. I just cried for her, and I am still saying prayers for her. She was very pregnant. I would think early 30 weeks or so. She was slimmer than me, but her belly was big.

Her cries echoed in my ears when I found out about Lis and Audrey. It isn’t fair.

SO- needless to say I was nervous about my appointment b/c it seemed like a bad juju day amongst all my friends.

Anyhoo- they got our US done first. I have been on the Indocin since the cerclage, and three weeks ago we reduced it once a day (previously on twice a day). The US tech didn’t say anything during the US (ugh), but I could hear there was some regurgitation of the heart valve on the ultrasound. I could also see the regurg when she turned on the colors for the flow studies. I know JUUUUUST enough to make me dangerous. 🙂

Sweet Oat kept his/her hands up to the face…and turned its face away from the US frequently. It is actually very cute. We got a few cute pictures-pursed lips that look like baby kisses, pictures showing the baby has HAIR, and of course the arms. 🙂 We don’t  get to many leg pictures b/c we don’t want to know the sex.

The rest of it looked good. I will put some pictures in the Sweet Oat tab. 🙂

Blood pressure was smidge up, the MFM doc doesn’t worry as much as my OB on this either.  So his take was that the Tricuspid regurgitation is reversible with stopping the Indocin. There is no other cardiac involvement at all, so all is well. The Tricuspid Regurg will correct itself, and this is a common side effect.  The cord flow, the placenta, the amnio fluid levels, the PDA all look stellar. That is good. There is still the issue of the contractions- so he switched my medicine to procardia which is a calcium channel blocker. My instructions were to see how I did off of the indocin, and start procardia if needed.

I was to give the indocine time to get out of my system- he explained that the body and rebound of sorts as the prostraglandin inhibition wears off. An inital increase in contrations, then leveling down/plateu out. So Wednesday was rough. Really rough. No lie. I will post more about that later.

My cervix has shortened a little bit more to 2cm, but there was no funneling with pressure. The baby is still head down, and loves to press it on the old cervix. The stitch is in place and smack in the middle, so 1 cm of cervix on either side of the cerclage. Phew.

Doc thinks that maybe I have some scar tissue rebuilding my cervix due to the fact I am not funneling anymore…but there is not way to tell. This could mean that I won’t go into labor right away after the cerclage removal. This type of scar tissue doesn’t mean my cervix is forever closed…but more just stable. Good strong contractions will pull this scar tissue away.

The cerclage removal is still set for July 15th, and I will be 36w5d. Fine with me. 🙂  the rest of the appointment went well.


Side note- people that are on wordpress….what is up with all these recommended links? Why would I do that? What are the promoted ones? I am confused…does that link my blog to articles? Is there a benefit on doing this or do you just get more spam?


Whats new in the hoochie coo?

I went last week to my OB and had my little OB checkup. For the most part these are and will be uneventful, unless I have issues. They want to see me every two weeks until I deliver, which is no big deal to me- but for my poor husband it is tough. He has been to every appointment so far. He wanted to be able to say he went to EVERY ONE during my pregnancy- but I think that is going to have to give. I am also going to the MFM (maternal Fetal Medicine/ High Risk Doctor) every two weeks), so that is one doctors appointment every week.

This may not sound like much, but my husband has people make appointments with him MONTHS in advance- so it is not very convient for his customers to get moved around. Granted- he has awesome staff that work them in here and there…but a lot of people get grumpy. They DON’T CARE that his wife is having a complicated pregnancy- what is that to them?

Oh well…soapbox.

The OB appt. was good last week. Got results of 1 hours glucose screening- and it was 113. They want under 135, so I did great. My hemoglobin was 11.3, so I have been started on Slow Fe iron supplements. Oh the joys. I have even MORE issues crapping- and have I explained that I am not supposed strain…at all? I am supposed to just let my bidniz just SLLLLLIIIIIDDDE OUT?

Yeah whatever. I don’t think that has happened to me since I was in infant…..or had a GI bug or major IBS flair up. I am constantly worried about the state of my bowels. Kinda like a 85 year old man. It is insane.  I predict it now- after I get my stitch out, I will break my water with the first post cerclage removal poo.

There. I said it. LOL

Other than that, my OBs office is pretty much telling me get up to shower, eat, come to appointments only. Phsaw.  Okay, before hackles get raised- I am NOT defying orders. They also stated that I should also heed what what my MFM doctor said ( Dr. %$@*!….b/c he like to curse. LOL).  Dr. %$@*! says, no lifting/straining (from anything)/running, dehydration or full bladder. Then just listen to my body. So- these are obviously the different ends of the spectrum here.  I am kinda goign down the middle.

I am not doing much around the house (HA HA HA), except laundry (oh…HA HA HA HA), dishwasher stuff, basic picking up of stuff like a remote or blanket. I make myself meals, and go out to eat my with my husband. That is really about it. I probably stand too much, but I am working on that.  Most of the time I am sitting on my happy ass tweeting, working on a photobook for my mom, watching DVR’d episoded of Dr. Who..(WHO? It’s The Doctor….), and generally buying shit I probably don’t need, but THIS site and THIS site make me think I do.

I digress.

The the apt. with Dr. $%*&! today was good. I got back quickly (um, within 30 minutes, so that is good in my eyes) and we got an awesome ultrasound. It was a different tech, so she didn’t spend as much time on the ‘cute’ stuff…but oh well. I mean, we have already had more ultrasounds that most people do in ALL off their pregnancies combined- so I shouldn’t complain.

The cervix measured at 2.5cm- 1 cm less that last week, but the good news is that there was minimal funneling with pressure (heavy), and none when the baby moved. This makes me feel better! We got some cute pictures of the face, and saw the baby clear as day- full face. Think that as the first time ever- it is so shy! The baby was opening its mouth WIIIIIDE and then sticking out its tongue. So freaking cute….LOL. ALthough I do believe if I were to walk around doing that people would look at me like I am a lunatic. LOL

Oat’s heart looks awesome, and the blood flow everywhere is perfect. I had no contractions on the monitor.

While was waiting in the room for the doctor, my OB nurse called to tell me that my Nexium rx was turn down by the insurance company. They are refusing to cover it b/c they feel like I didn’t give the OTC (over the counter) medicines long enough to see if they helped. I am furious. To the point I honestly hope they all develop ulcers. Fuckers. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t sleep for two nights in a row and couldn’t even recline the littlest bit b/c I am was is SO MUCH PAIN even after taking pepcid, prilosec and 12 tums in a 24 hour period- four days in a row. It doesn’t matter that I have a history of ulcers. That I had heartburn BEFORE I started this stomach lining erroding medicine called indocin. That I HAVE to take to stop my contractions….so I don’t have a micro preemie baby.

They feel I didn’t SUFFER in pain and agony long enough.

They feel I didn’t stress my baby out too much.

They feel I didn’t put my babies life at risk long enough.

Karma is a bitch people. Whoever denied me- I rest well knowing they will get theirs one day. The universe has a way of dealing with these people- I know I will never know, and I have no clue what jackass sitting behind a desk decided my life isn’t full of enough pain and suffering…but it will come around again.

Sorry, stepping off THAT soapbox also.

SO, I am backing down off on my twice a day indocin b/c the doc doesn’t want me in pain from the heartburn/reflux/etc. He has seen people develop ulcers from this and doesn’t want me to. Lets pray my contractions stay aways.
I am also going to be on pepcid, zegrid and tums. Pretty sure it won’t work since I Have done it before…but oh well.

Also- he said we can go 3 weeks before our next appointment unless I start having any issues!  WOOOO HOOOOOOO!

That is nice and reassuring, but geez. Three weeks with out an ultrasound?I am going to be nervous.

Other than that life is good. Pretty boring otherwise. We got out fancy ass bed and put it in the ‘new’ master bedroom we are moving to. It on the same side of the house as the nursery. This way our guests won’t be right next to the baby, and us on the other side of the house. LOL. The bed is awesome. So comfy..nowI just need a king sized comforter.

We also finally decided on a car! We are getting an Acura MDX, and hopefully it will be ready this week. 🙂 The furniture should be here this week also, and that is super exciting. We got a Storytime series glider/recliner. I am too exicted about that thing! LOL.  It is slowly coming together….as most things do in my life.


So slowly in fact two of my IRL friends came over and helped me clear out the closets in my ‘new’ master bedroom. LOL. Awesomeness…I wonder if they do laundry……