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Regular Life Update

I am seriously having issues coming up with posts. I start writing, and then hit the back space button after thinking “They don’t want to hear about such and such”. I am having a pretty mundane life right now, with nothing happening on the IF front.

What IS happening? I am roasting out of my skin, and scared my air conditioner is going to go on strike soon. It might just get up and run away. It is so freaking hot here it isn’t even funny.

~In the past two weeks wasps and other various stinging bugs have made nests all around my house. Without my permission or blessing. My poor pool guy got stung on the Achilles the other day and couldn’t walk for two days. I had the bug man come out and get the nests and kill them. I was around the side of the house showing him (from a distance) where they pool, guy said they were coming from. Bug Man hit the gate and about 20 or 30 swarmed in the air. I ran squealing back inside. Bug Man was on the other side in my back yard, so I went through the house and poked my head out. He told me to stay inside, and he would knock when he was done. About an HOUR later he knocked and told me that there was a huge next back there, and multiple ones between my gutter and the part that sticks on the roof. Said to stay indoors for a few hours until the ones that were away from the nest come back and die. Okey Dokey.

About three hours later I was going to take the trash out- and did a from the front of the house approach. This is instead of the side garage door approach with takes me 2 feet from the gate to my back fence. I got about three feet from Garbage can and about three or four wasps/hornets (whatev- big stingy yellow things) started coming after me. I went squealing and running back into my house. Flinging my bag of garbage on my front lawn. Needless to say I left it there. For a few more hours. Finally I realized I just COULDN”T leave a bag of trash on my front yard any longer,and surely the damn bugs were dead by now. I also had to run some errands that had to be done that day. I grabbed my phone, letters to mail, etc. etc. I had my phone held in my left arm pressed against my boob- trapped there b/c I was going to pull it out when I got back into the car. I timidly walked around the side of the house. No flying stinging things. I opened the trash can lid and prayed out loud that there where no wasps in the can. I was lifting up my right arm to put the bag in the can…and BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! I screamed so loud it echoed in my neighborhood! I flung the trash in and turned and hauled ass the other way. BUUUUZZZZZZ. I felt it under my left arm! AHHHHH!!!! Then the calypso music of my cell phone started playing.


I felt like the biggest idiot. You know how you can set your phone to buzz a few times before it rings? Yeah. That is how mine is set. LOL!

~I am attempting to cook Bouef Borginion tonight. Or however you spell it. Super stupid idea b/c it is a zillion degrees outside, and I only making my A/C hate me even more…but I have got it into my head and I can’t NOT do it.

~I am having a period from hell. I actually threw up last night after about four bites of dinner. Blah. The stew smells so good right now, but it is also making me nauseated. I just don’t get WHY having my period makes me so sick to my stomach. Stoopid Endo.

~We went to King’s Island a few weekends ago. It was totally awesome and highly recommend it. My favorite rides were Drop Zone, The Diamondback and Firehawk. Firehawk was the last ride of the night, and it was after dark. That made it even better b/c  you start the ride out on your back- going backwards. So when you go up the inital incline you go over it backwards and upside down. OMG- the skyline was lit up with the other coasters and such. SO BEAUTIFUL! I dont’ think it would have been as good if we rode it during the day.  The suckiest part was we were supposed to get in the night before, but Delta SUX and we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes in ATL waiting for an open gate. We missed out flight to Cincy, so we had to stay in Atlanta and fly out at 7am the next morning. BLAH. So we flew out and went straight to the Amusement Park from the airport. Blah. It was so freaking hot (100+ with heat index). We left around 2pm and checked into hotel and slept until 530pm, and then went back and it was much more enjoyable. 🙂

~The other sucky part of our trip was Travelocity’s utter incompetence. I had booked our hotel through them, and when I called to tell them we wouldn’t make our reservation- they said they called to tell the hotel and see if we could change the reservation to the next night. Then told us that the hotel wouldn’t and we were just out the money. I was PISSED. I called the hotel directly (even though they told me not to), and the clerk said “Yes, I talked to Travelocity, and we have you coming in tomorrow now. Has anything changed again?” Apparently they told the Travelocity TROLL that it was fine- they understood and changed our reservation. WHY that jackass lied to me, I have no idea. I have written letters to their legal department, and to my attorney general. They pissed of the WRONG premenstral woman. I consider what they did was FRAUD. If i had trusted them, and not called the hotel directly- we would have been out $137 for the hotel, and we would have had to pay for another one. ASSHATS!

~On a side note, I wrote a really nice letter to Holiday Inn Express and told them they had a great staff. When we got there all hot and sweaty and tired, etc. on the next day- they had upgraded us to a suite with a huge ass jacuzzi tub. The lady that checked us in said that she felt sorry for us and all we had gone through. SWEEEET!

~I don’t know how to break up with Dr. DryWit. Seriously- I have tried three or four times. Short of telling his staff that we have chose to live childfree, I don’t know what to do. This is such a small community, I know people talk!! He knows I am doing the Resolve support group. He even asked to come to it and “Do a Talk”(ie strum up bizness). He didn’t get it when I said Resolve wants peer led groups to be free of stuff like that. Gah. If I had WANTED an appointment there- I swear I would have to wait three or so months. Hell- I DID when we first started. NOW- they are calling me every two days or so telling me they have an opening tomorrow- Do I want to come? NO NONONONONONOJ:RFOJSE :KR ZFdijasordi89v8

That is all for now. I am going to try and calm my tummy down with a bottle of tums. blah.