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Setting: The Royal Living Room.  The Kingman and I are watching a sports show about the NFL lock out/draft/free agents.

The sportscaster just said that so and so with some team got cut from the team and then resigned so that the team could get him and renegotiate his contract.

Me: If you could resign me what would you revise?

Kingman: I would negotiate our contract for reassignment of positions.

Me: What exactly would you reassign?

Kingman: Defense

Me: eh? Would you put me on the Defense or cut me from the Defence?

Kingman: I would pull you from the offensive line and put you on the Defensive line. I need a little less offense attacks from you.

Me: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *clutching ribs in agony*….you *wheeze* are…HA HA HA HA *ooooowwwie, ow ow ow* AN ASS! HAHAHAHAHA  *gasping for breath and tears rolling down cheeks*


Apparently lately I have been a little…um, bitchy? I can’t say I blame him b/c I have been sick with SOMETHING for about a month now.

My current ailment is that my doctor thinks I have a broken rib on the right side. This is from the ridiculous coughing and vomiting from a few weeks ago. Darn them for not giving me a narcotic based cough syrup. For the record. Tes.s.alon Per.rle.s really doesn’t help when you have a cough like I had. I am PRETTY sure some cough medicines for the short term wouldn’t have hurt Sweet Oat. Now I have 4-6 weeks of healing of a broken rib…plus the fact my innards are going to be pushing up more and more…so who KNOWS if it will heal properly. UGH.

I am supposed to be throwing some stuff at people this weekend, but I really don’t think I am going to. I am trying to decide…..I just dont’ know how much fun it will be sick, hurting, and sober. Somethings are just meant to be done DRUNK.


PS. I have a poll on the left side of the blog….please predict the gender of the baby based on what all I have talked about, and the previous post with my bump picture. 🙂 I KNOW there are more than 11 of you that read my blog!



I am so sick of being sick I could just vomit. Oh, wait, I already have.

I have had a sinus infection, bronchitis…now I think I have pleuritis.

I have no energy or gumption. I hurt and I dont’ give two shits about much right now.


So, hope your Monday is going better.

Icky Sicky and Other Banalities.

Why in the world am i posting at 4am? Well, other than the persistent insomnia that I have been plagued with that is. I am sick. Good old-fashioned sick- clear runny nose, headache, malaise. I am thinking that it is just a cold, but I may go get checked out tomorrow just to make sure it isn’t the flu. I didn’t get the flu shot this year, but I am getting pretty short of breath. I am sitting out on the recliner and I just can’t catch my breath. I have been SOB (short of breath) since pretty much CD 26.

So I am trying to watch TV. There is nothing on. So I am playing with my TV…NO you dirty dirty people, I am not having a liaison with my TV or watching porn- although it is so awesome I may be tempted. This TV rocks my world.  It has all the fancy widgets and internet. I can watch my Netflix, Hulu plus (um, if I had it), check my Facebook, Twitter, play games. It has a tool bar across the bottom when I do the internet TV so I can look at my Flickr photos, youtube, picasa….aaaaahhHH! TILT TILT TILT. The only part that sucks ass is that we have a Harmony remote and not a keyboard type remote. DARN IT!

What else is new with me? Oh, how about the fact that the night of the lunar eclipse my husband peed all over the toilet seat b/c he forgot to put it up. Ugh. Since I get up to pee around every 1.5 hours, I got a ruuuuude awakening when I sat down. Needless to say, it woke me up! Wet toilet seats are so gross. Of course I had wash my hienie…and couldn’t get back to sleep. That was like around 330 or 4am. THAT was a long ass day. My stomach was tore up(not related to wet toilet seat),  and the slow down of the GI tract is definitely kicking in.

DirecTv was coming to upgrade our service for our new snazzy TV, and he called to say he would be earlier than he thought….like 1030. So, as I fell asleep and woke up at 10am or so…..quick shower, and I realized I didnt’ have time to GO. You know- Numero Dos. I waited, and waited and waited. Got in touch with the customer support person-can’t get in touch with the tech. I was about to die. I figured Murphys Law would kick in and he would show up when I sat down to GO and would be at the point of no return. No such luck….but he did finally show up at 330pm. Awesome huh? Wasted day.

On the plus side, our TV ROCKS…oh, I already said that right?

um…what else is new. OH- I got a Secret Santa present from my match at Braces Bunch. I was going to wait until Christmas to open it, but I couldn’t wait any longer! I can’t link her blog b/c it is private, but lets just say it is one of the best presents I have ever ever gotten. I put the picture of our last US in it from Monday. I will post a picture in the Sweet Oat page above if you want to see it. I have the US pictures posted there, so just be aware. If you are wary of the black and whites, I will take a picture later of just the frame and update this post. The picture is in the bedroom right now, and I can’t get it.

My brother came down Wednesday to drop off the hub’s present. My family is big on opening our presents on Christmas or a day or two after. We don’t open stuff early…so this was a huge box, so he had to bring it down for us since we won’t be back up there for another month or so.  I had a good short visit with him. Went to a local Irish restaurant/pub. He had to pee really really bad, and ended up going into the women’s restroom. LOL! Oh my- I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. He said he first realized something was wrong when he was peeing in a stall (which he thought was odd, and said he though “Hell- us Irish are too drunk to be modest- what is up with the individual stalls?) . He said he looked down and there was  metal box on the wall, and thought “Hmm…wonder what that is *open* OOOOHHHH NOOOO”  HA HA. So freaking funny. Had to wait until a lady finished peeing, and another finished changing a diaper before he could sneak out. To his defense they have the signs on the doors made up so you get confused. The Men’s has a wooden sign in the shape of a pointing had to the left saying Women.(meaning the women’s is other door), and the Women’s is vice versa. HA HA. To go to the bathroom at McGuire’s is to be away that you might get walked in on by the opposite sex.  We tested out the 3D movie Monsters V Aliens. Awesome.

Anyways, other than all this banality I am doing good. I am super excited for my Twitter friend @infertileturtle. She got a BFP on HPT and Beta! WOO HOOO!!! I can’t link her blog b/c IRL people read it and she doesn’t want them to know yet. I already screwed that one up…thank goodness she caught it and deleted it. DUH!

Morning all!!!