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We headed up to the BAU this past weekend to meet with Dr. 5000 and get our ultrasound. It was a good weekend- busy trying to see everyone that we needed to see. As per usual I am sure I ticked people off b/c they think b/c I come up there I need to be sure and go see them. NEVER occurs to some people to come where I AM. Since after driving 4 hours I might be a little damn tired of being in the fucking car.  It gets old. Whatev.

Anyhoo- we got to the appt early. Like a hour early. We had checked out of the hotel we stayed in (wanted to be near BWW so Kingman could drink) at 11am, and went to eat BBQ. It was all so fast, and we got to the clinic at 1230- our appt wasn’t until 130pm. LOL. I had my Nintendo DS, and Kingman had his Droid2, so all was good.

What was cool, is that they called us back at 1250!  Just quick history by the fellow, then blood pressure and all that good stuff. They had me undressed and waiting on the doctor by 1pm. They kept apologizing b/c he was still in a meeting (LOL- meaning he was eating still). So the fellow and the resident started on the ultrasound. It was funny b/c the resident was so timid with the vag-a-sound.  Turning it about 5 degrees either way, and not being able to see anything. LOL. I was about to say “Shove it in farther and ram it around crazy girl!!!” The fellow finally guided her what to do and things started showing up.

One little Sweet Oat. (just one! Phew)

o.m.g. It was crazy. Seeing a little cheerio that is the yolk sac, and the fluid filled gestational sac was just surreal. That was really inside ME. They were able to zoom in and get the heart beat. We could see the two separate chambers, and then…swhooosh, swhoosh, swhoosh of the heartbeat. So insane that in just about four weeks THAT was created. A tiny being that is so dependent on me- yet so much seperate with its own beating heart. Already.

Of course I started crying, and laughing…and shot all the pictures to hell and back b/c it is kinda hard to ultrasound a jiggling pelvis. It was crazy to laugh and SEE the little blob move. We got a few printed out pictures, that almost got crushed b/c Kingman was holding onto them so hard. He is so excited. I asked him if he felt any detachment b/c it wasn’t his sperm that created his child- and he said no. He said he had a fleeting second a little bit after the initial seeing/hearing it, but it was also relief. He said he realizes he would be MORE worried that something would be wrong with the baby if it was from him. His health issues have not been disproven to have a genetic link, so we would be terrified he would pass that through his genes. I am so glad to hear that, I was so worried what it would be like when the moment happened.

All of us girls with Azoo know this feeling. They say they are ready, but are they really? Are they just saying go ahead with this cycle to make us happy? Will the pull away and not have an attachment? I obviously can’t speak for all men-but it was totally all OURS. It is OUR baby. This is OUR pregnancy. This little Sweet Oat is going to be Kingman’s Prince or Princess. No further question in either of our hearts.

SO, if you are an Azoo girl, and you are reading this (or an Azoo guy)- it really doesn’t matter. Okay, it does, but it DOESN’T. It is hard to explain. Sigh.

Anyhoo- the doctor said that everything looked “Perfect”. See? I ALREADY have a perfect child. *ahem* 🙂 I measured exactly 6w0d, which is right on target with my LMP and IUI. So my tentative due date is 8/8/10.  I am going to be making FULL use out of my pool this next summer. LOL.

I am going to add a tab up at the top to keep the ultrasounds and other various pictures on- so if you want to see them you. I don’t want to alienate my girls that are still in the journey. I know it is hard to see those grainy black and whites- even if it is a fellow IFer. Feelings don’t stop just because it a comrade that has gotten on the pregnancy train.

🙂 I love you all, and want you all to experience this. If I could delay my pregnancy just one month to insure you all had BFPs I totally would. In my joy, I feel sorrow for pain I know is out there. I pray for you all every time I think about you guys.



You are warned….tmi

I am a blimp. A huge gas filled blimp. In the course of about three weeks my stomach has tripled in size. My little sweet Oat(s) may be the size of a grain of rice…but HOLY SHITE the havoc that is being reeked on my GI tract is unheard of.

I can’t wear most of my jeans- from The Bloat.

I look about 14 weeks already- from  The Bloat.

My husband gets grossed out a regular intervals, but doesn’t say a WORD (God bless him)- from The Bloat.

WTF is going on with me? oh, yeah, I am pregnant. wha- tha? OMG I AM PREGNANT. No way. Really? They got the blood tests wrong. No, wait- they got them right, but I am pretty sure I farted my baby out


On another note (ppppffffttt)…uh, sorry. THE BLOAT is even reaching through the computer to YOU!!! Mwaaaa-ha-ha-ha.

I have been insanely tired. I don’t know if it is the pregnancy…wha-I am WHAT? PREGNANT? REALLY?! No way. REALLY? OMG.

oh-sorry, that is how my mind works. Or doesn’t work lately. Whatever…I am kinda like that normally, but THE BLOAT is killing me.

ooooohhhhh…something shiny…….






oh, yeah. My beta #2 was called in Monday at 1110am. I knew they would call, and she was apologitic about it. She said she thought I knew. I understand. It was Friday. Whatever.

It was 868 on 18dpt! Sweet Oat has a rockin’ placenta…or I have a Pheasant Chasing that Oat. 🙂

All Mixed Up, Don’t Know What To Do…….

Hallo there my loyal followers! LOL. Do I have anyone left?

What is new with me. Humm…well I had my Beta #1 on Tuesday N0vember the 30th.    I had my local OB’s office write the order, and the results sent to them and to my RE.  The RN called me the next day at around 11am with the results (super fast results b/c I got it drawn around 430pm.) The result was 311.

All I could think was “Thought a Freak would be the thing, but you know it won’t last…..so just get off of your ASS”. HA HA HA.  So I was to go on Thursday afternoon for beta #2. Thus the madness begins. I called and left a message Friday around noon b/c I needed to know when to our follow appointment was going to be b/c Kingman has to tell his office manager and RN so they can reschedule patients. We have to know in advance, and sometimes they can get these patients worked in earlier, and everyone is happy. SO, the RN called me back and said she didn’t understand my message, and wanted to see how she could help. I explained. Her “oh, I didn’t realize you didn’t have your appointment. The doctor has your chart on the desk to go over everything. We need to get you in to meet with him and talk.”  Or pretty much something like that. She didn’t say anything about an ultrasound… but didn’t say the beta was bad….I just don’t know. PERHAPS I might be overanalyzing it all. I KNOW the doctor has to sign off on all lab results- even normal ones- before the RN can tell the patient. I KNOW this. I have LIVED it.  Um, I also know there is a way to not FREAK THE FUCK OUT of your patients. LOL.

I understand emergencies happen, and Fridays are rough. I live this life. My husband lives that life- I DO UNDERSTAND.

It doesn’t make it easier. My hubs stepped up and called the office again, but it went to voice mail.  They return phone calls that were received before 3pm, after 3pm calls are returned the next business day. Sigh. So here we are- the next business day is MONDAY. Blah.

So of course, the stress of IF, and the disbelief that I am actually pregnant lit a fire that I have miscarried and they don’t want to tell me. Stupid I know. Probably it was good and doubled, so they just moved on the next thing. Maybe she thought she already told me. I dunno.

Patience has NEVER EVER been a positive virtue of mine.

So what does a normal and sane person do? Go directly to the drugstore and buy 6 pregnancy tests and promptly pee on one. Duh. I KNOW even if my pregnancy was goign to crap, I would still have HCG in my urine- thus a BFP. Needless to say, I peed yesterday and today to stare at them and compare from day to day.  There is just some sort of comfort in peeing on things. Neurotic much?

Other than I am doing okay. Just tired. I am not really nauseated or anything. Sometimes I get “meh- don’t care about food”, others I am like “OMG if I don’t get some chicken tikka masala right now at 6am i am going to die a horrible death” LOL.

Yesterday I was in a sour mood. So I went on a little retail therapy. Okay- A LOT of retail therapy. Back in July we got the Geek Squad to come out and assess our home for a new TV and home theater. then we got skittish on spending the money. We talked ourselves out of it. Oh, then I had a bad day. A hormonal freaking out bad day.

So what did this chica buy? A huge ass tv. Oh yeah. 3D and 55 inches of pure joy. A new receiver and dvd player. Speakers and all that jazz. Everything. I am beyond excited. It is going to be delivered the 16th, and the Geeks are coming on the 17th to install it. I haven’t told the hubs- just going to have them set it up and surprise him. 🙂  I think I just MAY win wife of the year.

He wins husband of the years since he works so hard and is basically buying it himself. LOL. I got an extra set of glasses so we have have FOUR people watch at the same time. 🙂 I am too freakin’ excited.

Anyhoo- going to run off and attempt to do something today. blah.




So, here I sit possibly pregnant? Just typing those words feel craaaaazy.   I guess the first inclination that something was going on was last week when I was having the crazy migraines. I have not been having any since then…..hmmm..

Then when we flew out on Wednesday to come out here to my sister, on the flight from ATL to MSP I had sudden nausea right after take off. Like grab the bag and pray no one minds I am about to hurl.  I never hurled, but I was sick most of the rest of the day.. Ugh. I even went into the bathroom and tried to hurl and couldn’t.

I managed the rest of the day okay except for the fact that i had major Shortness of breath. Thanksgiving day was even worse. I would get up and walk into the livingroom and then I would be short of breath that i felt like I was doing mountain climbers. UGH. I knew something was off at that point.

I waited until the Friday morning and then the Hubs and I decided to do a HPT in the AM. I peed, and there was immediately the faint line you see in the picture. WOW. The hubs was waiting for me in the bedroom (my niece’s), and he said he knew as soon as he saw my face that it was positive. He said it was exactly like when I walked into the room after his surgery. he didn’t need me to speak to him, he knew immediately what the answer was.

So, we hugged,kissed, all the typical “OMG there are two lines”  Tee hee.

The nausea is gone (I think it was so bad b/c I was sleep deprived and hungry), but this SOB is so very frustrating. The only other symptoms I can tell is that the veins on my boobs are extrememly blue.  I never in a hundred years could think they could possibly get bluer b/c I am so freaking pale anyways. LOL. Then I feel a ‘pulling’ sensation every once in a while in pelvis. It is weird- it is WHERE I have menstrual cramps- but a different feeling. I like to sleep on my stomach, but it seems that when I lay on my stomach it feels like I am tight as i rubberband in my pelvis area. So hard to explain….but that is the only way I know how.

I catch the hubs looking at me …studying me. Waiting to see if I hurl I guess. LOL…or if I suddenly get the ‘glow’. I am cautiously optomistic. I guess I w0n’t believe it until I have a baby in my arms. I have told you guys, and a few ppl IRL (my sister, BFFs, and well..that is all.) I have been trying to call my mom, but we keep playing phone tag. LOL. I am not going to really tell anyone else until we get an ultrasound. Then I will expand a LIIIIITTTLE more. Then I will tell some more people that knew we did a cycle- luckily we have great friends that realize no news is just that. No news- we will tell them when we tell them, and they are compassionate enough to know that it is either b/c it A) didn’t work or B)worked and we don’t want to spread it around in case something happens.



The immedite repsonse I got from my twitter friends was awesome. It is insane at how fast support can come- literally as quick as I could refresh my twitter account! 🙂 I haven’t been online much since i have been at my sisters- but wow. This was amazing.



I have been feeling very short of breath yesterday and today. Nausea on the plane.  Migraines last week…….

Could this be why?



K is for KICKED IN THE ASS…which is exactly what happened to my Steelers yesterday…and is what is currently happening to the Washington Redskins as we speak. There is almost 60 points scored- it is just embarassing. Ugh.

There have been quite a few crappy Monday Night Football games this year- or is it just me?

I am a huge Steelers fan (as I have said before- is there any other type?), because my hubby is one. I learned really quick in our relationship that it was either learn it, enjoy it, have fun- or lose my hubby for 5 or so months out of the year…..or just break up. Neither appealed to me, so I learned it. It didn’t hurt that the first year we were dating was when the Steelers won Superbowl XL in a true story book fashion. Got into the playoff as a wild card. Bettis’ last year, and the Super Bowl held in his home town.

Sigh. As a Cubs fan, I was NOT used to winning! I loved it ,and I was hooked. Once I understood a lot of the basics of football, it was better. Those guys do so much more than just run around on the field and push each other around. It is a complex, and highly planned game. The sheer number of plays, code words, routes, etc. They have to learn astounds me. Do I think they deserve more money in a season than my husband will ever see in his lifetime? Probably not- but I tune Sundays, Monday, and Thursdays starting in November.

I love it.

Even when we get KICKED in the ass.

I know there are some of you that are rolling your eyes. I felt the same way- I used to hate football. I think it helps now that I understand it, and have a vested (albiet emotional) interest in it.

Anyhoodle. There is my K. I was KINDA reaching for that one.


PS. I feel fine- other that *TMI* being insanely constipated. I have eaten about 6 prunes today with no result. I am frightened they are going to KICK in at 2am. HA HA. Just as long as I don’t crap my pants. You ladies that  trigger and IUI what day do you count as your ovulation? The day of the IUI? Am I 1dpo? I just don’t know. It is so confusing. LOL.

O….Operation Impregnation-Second Wave

Today is brought to by the Letter O. In particular Operation Impregnation #2 happened today at around 1135am. It was a different Fellow on call that performed it. She wasn’t as put together as the first one- but whatever. She didn’t have nurses there to do it, and apparently there were a lot of IUIs today.  On the weekends we have to sign in at the security desk.  I know you are not supposed to look at the names etc…so I just looked at the destination. There were four people before us, then when we left 4 more had signed in. I never saw them- so who knows where they were put. I thought I heard some voices, but I dunno.

The procedure went well, I had a little discomfort with the speculum, but over all it was okay. The hubs just held my hand- didn’t do any cervix scoping this time. 🙂 He was super sweet.  I didn’t really have any cramping afterwards like I did before. That given- we left right after the procedure to drive home. We drove up there separately, so I stopped by a new used book store in town. OMG. It has only been open a few weeks, but HOLY COW! The building used to be a Goody’s store- and the whole thing is ridiculously full of books. INSANE! I got 4 audiobooks for 35 bucks. I love to listen to audiobooks while I drive b/c the ride gets booooooring listening to just music.

Anyhoo- we drove home, went and changed and headed to our local favorite bar to watch the Steelers lose fabulously. Ugh. What a sucky game tonight. Hopefully we will make it to the Playoffs so I can go to another game.

Anyhoodle- here I am gassy as all get out. I dunno what is going on, but I am crazy uncomfortable and passing gas like crazy. I might just blow out the troopers. LOL.

Night all.