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E is for Extra today lovelies.

There are some extras we all want. Extra cheese with your nachos at the movies. Extra follicles for your IVF (but not too many for your IUI) Extra time to do…well, watch tv is my favorite. LOL.

What my husband and I did today was try to figure out how to get extra money. We met with a financial advisor today, and it went really well. We are pretty frugal (ie CHEAP AS HELL), and try to manage our money. Our biggest vice is eating out and traveling. Eating out WHILE traveling is even better.

We recently met with our CPA to go over taxes, etc. etc. He recommended a lawyer for wills , trusts and annuities (um, the last two I forgot to ask about). He also recommended a financial advisor- investment guy.  The guy I found is awesome.

He does this think called Envision. You figure out your acceptable and ideal goals for retirement. It consantly evaluates your assests, etc. to see where you fall. VERY simple explanation, but we like the idea.  We didn’t realize there is so much to plan for (caring for our parents one of them).

We also didn’t realize how /where to put our money to help protect it for our kids. (529 anyone?)

It was pretty funny when he was asking about our assets. um. Old ass Jeep, and Well Worn Honda. A house. A diamond ring(he didn’t consider that really an assest, but it is the most expensive thing to me!!!). That was about it.

Same questions “Any valuable artwork?” Nope- unless you count the water color I got for 10 pounds in London?

“Any valuable coins?” I have 6 of the state quarters. All used. Does that count?

“Any antique furniture?” Well, I have a sofa I bought for 200$ 10 years ago. 🙂 oh..that isn’t antique?

Well, then NO.I don’t have jack shit, and we are boring people!

“Lets talk about your goals. Retirement? How do you want to live?” uh, with food on the table and a roof over my head at the least? Most- travel to see my family.

HA HA. WE are boring ass people. Also, apparently we dont’ even know WHO the fucking Joneses are to try and keep up with them.

THEN we went and watched Saw 3D and I feel like negated any kind of feelings of being grown up that the meeting with the financial adviser gave me.

That was one sick as shit movie. I like the story line (ha ha ha) of the Saw movies, but gah. I had my eyes closed or looking at my lap during most of it.

I also don’t think the series is over. There will be more. Maybe 10 years from now- but there will be more.

Be afraid…be verrrrry afraid. LOL



V is for VOMIT. Which is what I want to do. My head is killing me, and I was FORCED to go to a party with my husband. Had to go and make an appearnce lest we irritate people he works with.

Not up my alley- loud people, drunks, music, smoke machine. Blah.

After it was over we came over to a friends house to chill. Much more my kind of fun.

The entire time we were at the party I wanted to puke. My head was hurting so back, I just wanted to vomit. All the fake people and their snobby attitudes made me want to vomit. Must go and finish watching movie.


N today my lovies is for NEEDLES!

I have been suffering majorly with headaches during this 2ww. They suck ass. Beyond sucking ass. All I can say is that if this is what HCG does to me, it is going to be a tough first few months of pregnancy when it happens. YIKES.

I  booked an acupunture session today. The dr I went to has been treating my friend for a long time, and I have another friend that works there. So, I trust him (as much as I trust anyone that wants to yank my head off of my body. LOL). I don’t particularly like Chiropractors, but I respect what they do. Perhaps it is b/c I don’t understand it totally, I dunno. All I know is my body is jacked up, and I need help.

He first did the most detailed history I think I have ever gotten. I think we spent at least 45 mintues talking about all my symptoms…and how weird they are. LOL. “you are going to be a challenge”. Awesome, I love a challenge- NOT.

He did an assessment of my body alignment, and had me lay down flat and striaght. Appearently I am as crooked as they come. Not only that I have one hip tilted forward and one tilted back. Awesome. I like being weird.  He explained how the stress of it causes certians muscluo-skelatal pains, all the way up to neck. He said “you probably have a lot of tenderness *here* (as he pokes a place on my neck)”  I almost jumped off the table. Felt like a hot poker.


Then he started prattling off specific pain I more than likely have b/c of the way my body is. He was right on every count.

Okay, so I will be open to some chiropractical stuff now. He was pretty spot on- I refuse to the neck adjusting though. He uses the hole puncher thing only.

Okay, then come along to the acupuncture. He started in the head and ears- one on the top of the head, some around the base of my skull and several in each ear. It felt something akin to pulling out a single hair. Didn’t really hurt, but obviously wasn’t pleasurable. It is all good with me b/c I don’t have any kind of phobia about needles. In fact I watch as the stick a 14 gauge in for blood donations. I watch IV starts. I am able to detach and watch with my clinical mind.

He said that any feeling of relaxation is good, we build from that, etc. etc.

I didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling, but I tried to ‘clear my mind’ (ha ha ha) by trying to visualize my blood going through my heart into my lungs and then back through the heart and out again. I would follow it to different organs, and try. Forsome reason this helps me. I was able to relax definitely.


The awesome part was I paid, left. Stopped somewhere, went home….looked in the mirror and I basicaly had a right ear full of blood. LOL. The on write on the outside bleed. LOL. I am not surprised b/c I bleed like a stuck pig anyways.  It was just funny b/c I wonder what the heck the checkout clerk at the store was thinking…and WHY did she say anything? HA HA.

“excuse me ma’am…I think you are bleeding out of your ear? Are you possessed or have a widely communicable disease like ebola? Mkay, just checking”




S is for Support.

Today I was supposed to have the support group. There was no one there again.

I have gone to the local RE (who was chilly b/c I am not getting treatment there, and was still trying to get me too)

I have talked to the ob/gyn groups, but they won’t ever pinpoint a day for me to come in. I left flyers at the pharmacy builletin boards.

I GIVE UP. I know I shouldn’t. I know I should keep trying- but I don’t feel it anymore.


K is for KICKED IN THE ASS…which is exactly what happened to my Steelers yesterday…and is what is currently happening to the Washington Redskins as we speak. There is almost 60 points scored- it is just embarassing. Ugh.

There have been quite a few crappy Monday Night Football games this year- or is it just me?

I am a huge Steelers fan (as I have said before- is there any other type?), because my hubby is one. I learned really quick in our relationship that it was either learn it, enjoy it, have fun- or lose my hubby for 5 or so months out of the year…..or just break up. Neither appealed to me, so I learned it. It didn’t hurt that the first year we were dating was when the Steelers won Superbowl XL in a true story book fashion. Got into the playoff as a wild card. Bettis’ last year, and the Super Bowl held in his home town.

Sigh. As a Cubs fan, I was NOT used to winning! I loved it ,and I was hooked. Once I understood a lot of the basics of football, it was better. Those guys do so much more than just run around on the field and push each other around. It is a complex, and highly planned game. The sheer number of plays, code words, routes, etc. They have to learn astounds me. Do I think they deserve more money in a season than my husband will ever see in his lifetime? Probably not- but I tune Sundays, Monday, and Thursdays starting in November.

I love it.

Even when we get KICKED in the ass.

I know there are some of you that are rolling your eyes. I felt the same way- I used to hate football. I think it helps now that I understand it, and have a vested (albiet emotional) interest in it.

Anyhoodle. There is my K. I was KINDA reaching for that one.


PS. I feel fine- other that *TMI* being insanely constipated. I have eaten about 6 prunes today with no result. I am frightened they are going to KICK in at 2am. HA HA. Just as long as I don’t crap my pants. You ladies that  trigger and IUI what day do you count as your ovulation? The day of the IUI? Am I 1dpo? I just don’t know. It is so confusing. LOL.

O….Operation Impregnation-Second Wave

Today is brought to by the Letter O. In particular Operation Impregnation #2 happened today at around 1135am. It was a different Fellow on call that performed it. She wasn’t as put together as the first one- but whatever. She didn’t have nurses there to do it, and apparently there were a lot of IUIs today.  On the weekends we have to sign in at the security desk.  I know you are not supposed to look at the names etc…so I just looked at the destination. There were four people before us, then when we left 4 more had signed in. I never saw them- so who knows where they were put. I thought I heard some voices, but I dunno.

The procedure went well, I had a little discomfort with the speculum, but over all it was okay. The hubs just held my hand- didn’t do any cervix scoping this time. 🙂 He was super sweet.  I didn’t really have any cramping afterwards like I did before. That given- we left right after the procedure to drive home. We drove up there separately, so I stopped by a new used book store in town. OMG. It has only been open a few weeks, but HOLY COW! The building used to be a Goody’s store- and the whole thing is ridiculously full of books. INSANE! I got 4 audiobooks for 35 bucks. I love to listen to audiobooks while I drive b/c the ride gets booooooring listening to just music.

Anyhoo- we drove home, went and changed and headed to our local favorite bar to watch the Steelers lose fabulously. Ugh. What a sucky game tonight. Hopefully we will make it to the Playoffs so I can go to another game.

Anyhoodle- here I am gassy as all get out. I dunno what is going on, but I am crazy uncomfortable and passing gas like crazy. I might just blow out the troopers. LOL.

Night all.


Today my lovelies…I is for INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION aka IUI.

That would be what I am doing tomorrow. It is crazy how anticlimactic it is this time. I just ‘meh’ about it. I hate even saying that- but honestly. I am already frustrated at this whole process.  I think b/c last month I really entertained the idea that it would happen, and thought it would. Then we had the BFN, and now it has turned out to the same old same old. I feel like it just another ‘thing’ to do.

I am trying to stay positive about it, but I can’t get my head around it. We went out with a friend of ours to eat some Thai food- I ate some sushi..albiet shrimp tempura rolls (does that count?) Then we went to our favorite resturant in town and hung out with all our friends from this city. I drank some beer, and I didn’t have that “this is going to be my last beer” feeling.

I must get out of this funk. I think I am trying to build a cocoon around myself b/c I don’t want to feel that pain of the BFN again.


So my ladies and gents- today is for IUI…but it is for TOMORROW.

Wish us luck getting knocked up at 11am CST. LOL