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Getting ready!

As I sit here at my computer- SOME ONE ELSE IS IN MY HOUSE!!! AHHHHH!!!

LOL- not in a bad way though. The (actually TWO peoples) some else is cleaning my house.  I am loving it. Did I tell you all that my husband and I hired a cleaning company? Yeah, I am spoiled. I also want to keep my sanity, and my husband alive. 🙂 He has a nasty habit of walking around eating yogurt. Flipping the spoon over to lick it. Thus dropping little bits on our hardwood floor- leaving spots that are so freaking hard to get up if you don’t scrub and scrub and scrub. THEN he has the total man gene when it comes to brushing his teeth. Bleck. I honestly don’t understand how in the HECK he can get so much toothpaste on…well everything. I found some on the shower door one day. I am not talking just the foam that comes out of the mouth with brushing (THAT is everywhere also), but the actual toothpaste. What pushed me over the edge was when I stepped on a glob of toothpaste, only to walk into the kitchen to step on a chip (he likes to pace and eat), then into a blob of yogurt.

Okay, I understand that I will go throw all this AND much worse when I have a kid(s), but this is 33 year old male I am talking about here. GRRRRRRR.  I was just a fussin’, down on my hands and knees trying to clean it all up without totally blowing my smokestack b/c I had JUST mopped a few days before. SO The King says “why don’t you just get a housekeeper for us like I keep telling you too.”  I said “OKAY”.

Here we are today. It is weird. I don’t know what to do with myself when they are here. I feel all…..in the way. Weird that they are changing my bed, and wiping up coffee spills…taking out beer bottles. ETC.   I feel so WORTHLESS b/c I am on the computer typing away whilst they clean…but at least I am not sitting down watching TV while they clean. I think that would be worse. At least in here I can put on a “serious” face, and maybe they think I work for home or something. LOL!!!

Anyways, we are leaving tonight to drive 4.5 hours to our friend’s to spend the night…then tomorrow we have an 11am appointment with the UroGod for The King’s preop. 🙂 Then in the afternoon we have an appointment with the anesthesiologist……5am on Thursday (lucky number 13) we will comment Operation Spermatozoa Freedom!!

YEAH!! I am so excited. Then on the 21st is our RE appt. OMG- yeah!  I am so excited I can’t stand it.

oh, so while we are gone=until Sunday we have a couple that is going to be staying in our house b/c theirs is getting retiled. 4000 sq ft of tiling. They have to be out for 5 days minimum, so it worked out perfectly…except the fact that my front door’s lock all the sudden quit working and I can’t figure out why. It was one of the ones that you can reset the lock with something from Lowe’s…and it must have magically reset. I have to figure it out before they come over to stay, or they will be having to go in and out the garage, and we only have ONE door opener. LOL!!!

There is always something huh?

Say prayers, cross your fingers, send up smoke signals……I hope it all goes well!!!!