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Anyone have a mask?

I am currently holding down the fort at my mothers. 🙂  I feel like poo- almost like I have the flu. Headache, sore throat, all over muscle aches for DAYS, it feels like my elbows, knees and hips don’t want to work. Blah I am exhausted and I haven’t even don’t anything.

My appetite is shit. Blah. The thought of wine makes me want to puke. Which really sucks b/c my mom has a yummy bottle open right now.

So. My best friend in the universe is graduating tomorrow and I am so freaking proud of her.  My plan was to come to my mom and then go up to her graduation  (it is about 2 hours from my moms)

I now realize that it wouldn’t be a good idea to go. I think that I just have a viral illness, and it is still virulent. I have that raw burning in my nose that is caused by viral shedding. I know it is just a summer cold. i am uncomfortable and icky….but I am not trying to be in a new environment/ learning to breath/needing to be protected.

What I am talk about is that my best friend (Miss Sweetness) is ready to go anytime now. Into labor and have her sweet little Monkey. I do know want to go up there and sneeze…and one little virus make its way to Ms Sweetnesses nare. Get sick. Deliever baby and him get virus and develop an acute respiratory illness . Those transitioning periods are so very important.

When I worked in the NICU we got a full term baby that was in the NICU b/c the mother had the flu when she delivered. The baby was sick sick sick. She stayed in the NI for a week and a half.

I would be devastated if I got my sweet Monkey Boy sick right off the bat!!!!!!!

Anyhoo. Headed to bed. 🙂