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Here’s some Lead for ya.

okay, I suck. I know I suck. We all know I suck.

My last post was all “I am going to post more” blah, blah, blah.That was over a month ago! I sit down to post, and I have a lot to post about, but I don’t. I just sit here. Then I check my twitter, and post there then I find  I can’t post on here. I have posting ADD. Kinda stupid huh?

What the heck is new with me?
Well…..Bullets anyone? Let me shoot you all and give you lead poisoning

  • Went to London 9/8 through 9/23. Well actually left London on 9/22, but had an overnight stay in Toronto.
  • Took 2895 pictures, and 390 video shorts. Although 350 of those videos have the first words of “Oh shit, I have it on video”, and the video ends.
  • Trying to winnow it down to make a DVD slide show for my mom. 🙂
  • Lost my job- well had the option of going basically full time, and working every other F/Sa/Su and chose not to.  I actually called my boss’s bluff b/c she was sitting there to write down the days I would work when I told her no.
  • I am still getting emails on shifts that are open. ?!?! I can’t find another job in the hospital system that I want. 
  • I am being a housewife. Trying to enjoy it.

IF related:

  • Finally picked a donor for our IUI. This is a scary, terrifying, exciting time.  I picked my top 14 picks and gave them to The King. I kept my top three to myself. He narrowed them down to 6 and had his top three. Two out of three of our top three matched. One was unavailable (ARGH!), the number two for both of us is the one we are going with.
  • I have learned that if you read too many reviews on sperm banks you will have a panic attack. I read so many bad reviews of ANY bank I researched that I almost figured we wouldn’t ever have a baby.
  • I am currently on cd10. I started my period on October 1st, so it is making it REALLY easy for a numskull like me to keep up with it.
  • I took Femara on cd3-7. THANK GOD for the whole CD1=October 1 thing…cause apparently I am a kick ass RN that can’t read the directions on some of the most important pills I may ever take in my life. I spazed out when I read the directions I guess b/c the directions said “Take 2 pills every day on cycle days 3 through 7.” Apparently in my well educated MEDICAL mind I translated to twice a day. On the last two days I realized they meant take both pills at ONCE. Duh.
  • My REs nurse said that it was okay…’should’ still work. Sigh.

Interesting Sunday:

  • I bought a fridge today. The Kingman is so excited to get it b/c it will have an icemaker. I don’t use ice much (only in mixed drinks), so the icemaking/buying is his responsibility.
  • I got a killer deal on my fridge. 30% off- so basically only paid a little more than the sticker price. LOL.
  • I made the lady at the store tear up b/c she got my sale. I am guessing they work on commission. Her husband died last year, and she had to come out of retirement after 10 years to come back to work. Even the other guy in the appliances dept. wanted her to get the sale- he actually talked to me earlier, but let her have it. The guy told me later that I will never know what the sale did for her today…he said he prayed for a good sale for her today. Wow.  I am tearing up now thinking about.
  • I filled out the online survey to give her kudos. I hope that helps her.
  • I bought a coffee today, and spilled it ALL OVER myself and basically the entire front of my car. So gross. I had nothing to clean it up with except kotex. Seriously. I am frightened of how my car is going to smell since it was a skinny cinnamon dolce latte. BLECH.
  • Left my license at the store I bought the fridge at. Didn’t noticed until I tried to buy something with my AMEX and they actually looked at the back that had “See ID”. I had no ID. Grrrrr.
  • My recyclable bag broke at CVS. Bottom dropped out. Jackoff rescanned it all since he had to give me a plastic bag and couldn’t give the me “Green Tag” buy for the Extra Care Bucks.

So that is my life in an nutshell. (That is a shout out to you Chelle for checking on me. 🙂   I have more to post about…like my husband’s breakdown and anxiety over having a child….but only so much I can do at once.

I would hate for my fingers to fall off. LOL.

PS I have an IRL ‘friend’ (acquaintance) that had her adoption fall through. She was matched with the birth mom pretty early in the pregnancy. They have been through IF for many, many years with IUIs IVF, etc. They had the room ready, had a shower, and went out of state when the mom went into labor. On the 3rd day after the birth, the mother changed her mind. It is so heartbreaking. Please say some prayers for her. Or send some good karma…or light a candle. Whatever floats your spiritual boat- I think love from afar will be felt by her.

Ta ta peoples.

I will be posting some photos from London…but they will be PWP. See tab above if you are not sure about the secret password protected word instructions.


The Plan

Okay, I have so much I need to post! This past weekend was crazy busy, but it all turned out okay.

Rewind to last Thursday. I told The King that since he has been through the ringer he could rent a “cool” car to go up for our appointment last weekend. We had to drive separate cars b/c he was coming later than  me, and he had to leave Saturday for work. I didn’t leave until Monday (yesterday)

He was going to get a convertible but Alamo couldn’t find the keys (???). They gave a free upgrade to a 2010 Camero!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

~Friday: I saw Dr. 5000 to figure out our plan. My husband got to go with me, and I am SO GLAD he did! Dr.5000 explained to the Kingman that with SCO(sertoli cell only testicle) there is about a 0.5% chance of finding some, and even less that the sperm would result in a good fertilized egg. Woah. He said he has not ever seen a case of a live birth from a case like ours.  That really helped clear up a lot of The Kings questions.

Here is the kicker: NO IVF!!!!  I was thinking he would recommend IVF from the start secondary to my endometriosis, but he said that he didn’t want to put my body through that if it wasn’t necessary. He said that he didn’t want to the IUI with my natural cycle, but just ‘give me a boost’. I hold in my hand (okay in my wallet) a prescription for Letrozole.  I haven’t priced it yet- have any of you used this? Know what it costs? The cost of IUI is $295. yup. only $295.

I am beyond ecstatic.

The Doc said when we look through the Donors and pick one, have it shipped to them. They will prep the Troopers and prepare them for the IUI. They want unwashed b/c they like to wash and prepare the sample themselves (is that normal?)   After we pick the donor and we are ready, I take the letrozole on days 3-5 of my cycle. I test for ovulation, and call the day of my LH surge by 3pm, and plan on coming in for my IUI the next day.

THIS is going to be interesting.  #1. I gave my super expensive fertility monitor to my cousin who is having trouble getting pregnant. I thought I would never need it- b/c we would be doing IVF and would be triggered to ovulate. Ooops. I can’t ask for it back! Anyone have one I could borrow or buy?!?!?!   She has been trying since September and I can’t take it back. 😦

#2 I live 4.5 hours away from where we are getting our treatment done. My husband has a seriously busy ass, inflexible job. He can’t just “call in sick” for a day. On any given day there are 20 to 30 patients expecting to see him. They don’t understand when he has an emergency, etc. They think doctors never have a life outside of work. Sigh. I am already stressing that The Kingman will not be there. 😦

We got a brochure from a huge sperm bank at the REs office, and The Kingman was astounded at all the samples in there. He was getting pretty excited over it- even made the comment that “It only makes sense to get our children from an online profile, since we found each other from an online profile.” 🙂 LOL! (We met on eHarmony)

He is doing better every day. We are reading some books suggested to us. “Helping the Stork”, and “Mommies, Daddies, Donors and Surrogates”. I didn’t think he would read them, but he is! YEAH!

As far as when we are going to do it, The Kingman said he is still grieving. He thinks that he will be ready when we go from “I wish we could have a baby that is ‘really‘ ours” to “We are having ‘our’ baby.” Of course I popped of with “How long do you think it is going to take you to get there, b/c I am already there” I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be another year. It took him a year to do his MESA. He said it wouldn’t be that long….let’s hope it isn’t.

So that is where we stand.

IUI after we pick out a donor and my husband is ready. 🙂

I am looking for some counselors in the area for us to go to, and The Kingman has agreed to go (he actually suggested it)

Now I wait. Again. STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!

I will post soon about the BabyPalooza weekend. I must go be productive for at least a few hours. LOL!